Temple Elementary Students Honor JA Volunteer

Story from: Junior Achievement of Western New York

 Jane Fosberg dedicates her life to the children of Falconer Central School District. A former teacher, principal, and superintendent, now retired, she continues to give back by teaching JA classes to first grade students at Temple Elementary School. She also established a fund at the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation to provide continuing aid to teachers for student enrichment.

“Jane may have retired but she is embedded in the Falconer community and school district,” said Temple principal, Holly Hannon. “She cares deeply and wants us to succeed.”

 Students in Lorraine Adams’ class eagerly look forward to Jane’s weekly JA visits. It is clear she has a special rapport with them. One of the important aspects of JA for first graders, according to Lorraine, is teaching students “…the difference between wants and needs and how money is used to buy needs (food, shelter, clothing) before wants.”  They also discuss professions/jobs helpful to the community. Preparing even the youngest children for the future, empowers them and increases their self-confidence.

In order to recognize Jane’s contributions and to further students’ understanding of giving back, Lorraine devised a point system based upon good behavior. Students work individually and in groups to earn points; the more they earn independently, the faster the entire class gets to 1,000 points. Each point is worth one penny and 1,000 pennies equals $10. Lorraine then donates the money and places it into a jar.

Over a two-year period, classes earned the equivalent of $60. The children decided to give the money to charity as part of learning to give back to the community and chose The Jane Fosberg Fund, which offers assistance to Falconer teachers developing special educational projects designed to enhance experiential learning. The students’ generosity is a testament of their love for Jane and of her love for the children of Falconer schools.



Gavin and Russell Kozora love Junior Achievement.

Original Story from: Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania

Russell works at HarbisonWalker International in Moon Township, PA and is on the company’s JA-Bowl-A-Thon committee. His son Gavin attends school in the Shaler School district. Shaler School district benefits from JA programming.

This is Russell’s story:

This past May, Gavin missed his JA day at school. He didn’t know it was JA Day until he returned from his absence the following week. Boy was he bummed. Gavin told me he missed his JA Day and he was really upset because someone took his materials from the class he missed, too! I could tell he was upset and disappointed.  I told him maybe I could teach it next year, and help to ensure he doesn’t miss JA day again.

We have a change jar in our house where we collect change and each time it’s full we put the cash into accounts for our boys. This time though I asked Gavin what he wanted to do with his money.  He said, “Give it to JA!” He knew I was on the committee and was involved with JA at work. I was very impressed that he wanted to do that.  I took the time to tell him that if he wanted to give it to JA, daddy had been working to solicit donations for raffles to raise money and I could put his money into the raffles for gifts.  I read him the Raffle prizes and told him he could pick 5 prizes. The one he wanted to win most was a wing party donated by Buffalo Wild Wings.

At the Bowl-A-Thon we shattered company records.  Our goal was 100 people bowling and to raise $12,000 which was 100% growth doubling our previous year’s effort. We had 110 bowlers, 25 lanes, and 24 teams, raising over $22,590.  We have positively impacted 645 children in our area, and are currently the #1 Bowl-A-Thon in Western PA.

Toward the end of the event, the raffle prizes were being drawn. When they pulled my name for the Wing party, I knew my son was going to be excited.  I texted my wife immediately to inform my son.  When I got home he was running laps around the house with his excitement. It was so great to see my son make the decision on his own to help Junior Achievement. He has inspired me to want to do more. I’m hoping our company can become a sponsor of a school district and I can start to help by being a JA volunteer.





JA of Greater Washington Announces Winners of 2015 Junior Achievement Essay Competition Sponsored by Mr. David Rubenstein

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On June 13, Junior Achievement of Greater Washington announced the winners of the 2015 Junior Achievement Essay Competition. This year’s competition was intense, as over 1,800 qualified applicants submitted compelling essays answering this year’s question: “What does the American Dream mean to you and is it still thriving in Greater Washington?

Each year, a first, second, and third place winner are selected from each of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, and are each awarded a $10,000 scholarship. One grand prize winner receives a $20,000 scholarship.

The Junior Achievement® Essay Competition, sponsored by David M. Rubenstein, was founded in 2008. Each year, high school students in Greater Washington are invited to write an essay and compete for over $110,000 in college scholarships. Through Mr. Rubenstein’s generous financial commitment, this year’s competition marks over $1 million in support of the Junior Achievement Essay Competition. Junior Achievement of Greater Washington thanks Mr. Rubenstein for his support and commitment to JA.

View original story from Junior Achievement of Greater Washington to see who the winners were and to read more about David M. Rubenstein.





Eye Opening Classroom Experience

Original Story from Junior Achievement of Central Upstate New York , Inc.

The following testimonial is from Laura Discavage, a Junior Achievement student and the 2016 Class Valedictorian at Gates-Chili High School near Rochester, NY.

“This year I participated in two different Junior Achievement programs, JA Titan® and the High School Heroes, while taking Economics.

JA Titan was a new way of learning that I had never experienced before. Having a hands-on experience like Titan really complemented instruction and helped us understand what we were learning in the classroom.  The simulation shows real-life factors to consider like advertising and capital investment. One of the things that high school students really care about is the practicality of what they’re learning and whether it’ll be useful information once they graduate.  That’s what makes a program like Titan so beneficial. The hands-on experience it provides helps students understand how useful economics can be in the real world. Titan also definitely opened my eyes to career possibilities I hadn’t considered. Even though I won’t be majoring in business, I am considering pairing my intended major with an MBA.

I also signed up to be a teacher for JA’s High School Heroes. I was mostly excited for the chance to see my old elementary school, but I also liked the idea of being a leader in the classroom as the teacher rather than as a student.  I was placed with two third grade classes at separate elementary schools. Both classes were full of friendly and bright students, which made the experience all the more enjoyable. It was a lot of fun to get up in front of a group of children and talk about something that I never got the chance to learn when I was little.

One thing that stood out to me was the children’s enthusiasm and effort – sometimes it was difficult moving on to a new topic because so many kids had their hands raised and wanted to contribute their own ideas and opinions.

Having the opportunity to see the classroom from the teacher’s perspective is something I will remember.  I can definitely say that my short-lived role as the teacher was both enlightening and rewarding.

I’m really grateful for the opportunity to get involved with Junior Achievement. Each program was eye-opening in its own way. Junior Achievement is really helpful, not only for learning in the classroom, but also in narrowing down career paths and recognizing what I want for my future.”

Thank you for the great testimonial!



Swagelok & Poway High School Partner with JA for a Job Shadow

Original Story sent to us by Laura Ferguson, Marketing Coordinator with San Diego Fluid System Technologies.

A video of the experience can be seen here.

San Diego Fluid System Technologies opened their doors for the second year to host a job shadow with a local high school in collaboration with Junior Achievement of San Diego.

San Diego Fluid System Technologies’ CEO, Mike Schleyhahn, has been involved with Junior Achievement of San Diego for several years and is a Co-Chair for the Board of Directors.

Poway High School engineering students joined Swagelok associates for a day of job shadowing. Students were given the chance to witness careers in action.

“Being able to have the opportunity, the experience to come to a company like Swagelok – it’s really important for the students. They see that it’s real, it’s actually happening. They get to see how it is all interconnected. Because from a school setting, sometimes they just don’t see that connection,” says Rodger Dohm, Engineering Teacher at Poway High School.

The day was structured around the students moving to different stations. Each station focused on a specific aspect of business; operations, customer service, engineering, and interview skills.

“We took the students to different sessions to acquaint them with various departments,” says Jennifer Burrell, Marketing Manager at Swagelok. “It was a great opportunity to introduce students to what it’s like to be at an actual company in the engineering field.”

Students were enthusiastic throughout the day, participating in a scavenger hunt and asking questions. Observing the machines on the shop floor was a highlight for the students.

“I liked seeing the machines and the technology. That was very, very interesting. It is nice to kind of open up my mind and see the world a little bit more,” says Ally Short, sophomore at Poway High School.

The job shadow as a great opportunity to expose students to the variety of roles available in the job market, as well as for Swagelok associates to share their passion for their careers.

The students are enrolled in engineering, design, and architectural courses. Many of the visiting students are actively involved in robotics projects. Allowing these students to have an up close look at the engineering process was a great fit for Swagelok and for Poway High School.


JA of Georgia Capstone Reaches Major Milestone

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On May 20th, 2016, JA of Georgia’s 100,000th capstone student, Edith from Chapel Hill Middle school in DeKalb County, passed through the doors of the JA Chick-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center.

Students from Chapel Hill Middle School were welcomed with cheers and confetti by JA of Georgia volunteers, staff and partners, and the monumental moment was felt by all.

“This is a major milestone for us to be able to create an authentic and experiential opportunity that enriches traditional learning,” said Jack Harris, President & CEO of JA of Georgia. “This experience provides students a point of reference for their future, and goes far beyond their time at our facility.”

In addition to inspiring the students, the programming is impacting the way that teachers actually teach. Nine out of ten teachers report that the visit positively impacted the way they approach teaching economic concepts, bringing real-world concepts into the classroom and having more ‘real-world’ discussions around long-term goal setting. What’s more, 97 percent of teachers would recommend the experience to other teachers.

“One student said, ‘I didn’t know my parents had to do all this,’” said Winfred Crawford, 7th grade teacher at Chapel Hill Middle School. “Through this statement, he acknowledged an awareness that he did not have prior to his time at JA Finance Park. This is an excellent experience that every child should have.”


Winners of the 2016 JA National Student Leadership Summit Announced

The National Student Leadership Summit (NSLS) is part of Junior Achievement’s annual celebration of the accomplishments of JA Company Program® students, ages 15-19, from across the United States. They develop and market a product or service with the goal of realizing a profit for their shareholders. Reaching nearly 14,000 U.S. students during the 2015-16 school year who created nearly 700 start-ups, during participation, JA Company Program gives teens the skills to start and run their own businesses under the mentorship of a local business volunteer.

This pinnacle event brings together 15 JA student companies to our nation’s capital for three days of high-impact JA experiences. The Summit features the JA Company of the Year powered by The Hartford, the FedEx Access Award, the EY Social Innovation Award, and the ICE NYSE Foundation Best Financial Performance Award.

The winners of this year’s National Student Leadership Summit (NSLS) are:

JA Company of the Year Award

On Wednesday, June 22, in Washington, D.C., Junior Achievement USA® (JA) named the teen entrepreneurs who created the student-run start-up Impress from Junior Achievement of Southeastern Pennsylvania (Philadelphia area) as winners of the 2016 JA Company of the Year, powered by The Hartford. The team was selected from among 15 competing student companies representing JA operations across the country. Each member of the team present in Washington, DC received a $4,000 scholarship from The Hartford.

JA Company of the Year

Impress is the 2016 JA Company of the Year, powered by The Hartford

According to its company description: “Impress strives to deliver handmade customizable metal goods to consumers, while enabling them to express themselves and encouraging them to enjoy the journey. Our products can serve as a daily reminder, love note, or motivation. They can remind us to get outside or to keep our heads up. Here at Impress, we believe that one of the most important things to remember is to live life to the fullest.”

The second-place team, Blüme, also represents JA of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Each member of the team present in Washington, DC received a $2,000 scholarship from The Hartford. The third-place team is Alpha Essentials, representing JA of South Florida (Fort Lauderdale area). Each member present at the summit received a $1,000 scholarship from The Hartford. 

FedEx Access Award

Rhidian Tech, representing JA of the Upper Midwest, was the winner of the FedEx Access Award. The FedEx Access Award is given to the JA student company which best

FedEx Access

Rhidian Tech is the winner of the FedEx Access Award

demonstrates their understanding and application of global access, leveraging international trade to create jobs, grow small businesses, expand global development and improve the environment. 

“At FedEx, we’re passionate about making the connections that improve lives,” said Rose Flenorl, manager of Global Citizenship at FedEx. “We believe global connectivity allows ideas and solutions to surface from anywhere, energizing the marketplace. This is especially important in parts of the world where people desire access to the education, goods, services and jobs that lead to a better life. These young entrepreneurs have demonstrated they understand how their proposed businesses can create those connections, providing access to opportunities around the world.  I congratulate Rhidian Tech on their winning business strategy.”

EY Social Innovation Award

EY Innovation

Leozarb is the winner of the EY Social Innovation Award

Leozarb, representing JA of the Upper Midwest, won the EY Social Innovation Award by applying entrepreneurial thinking to create a realistic, achievable, and innovative solution (product, service, event, ad, campaign) to a (local, national, or global social concern). The teens also had to describe the lessons they learned from the challenge.


ICE NYSE Foundation Best Financial Performance Award

Financial Performance

Impress won the ICE/NYSE Best Financial Performance Award

Impress from Junior Achievement of Southeastern Pennsylvania was the recipient of the Intercontinental Exchange/New York Stock Exchange Foundation “Best Financial Performance” Award. This award is presented to the JA student company with the best achievement against the following metrics: Profitability, exceeding Investor Expectations, Employee Earnings, Product Quality, Leadership, and Operational Efficiency. An evaluation was done of Company Reports; five finalists were interviewed by experts in the financial industry.

Social Media Award

The Social Media Award was presented to the group of three JA Companies who generated the most Tweets during the week’s event.

Social Media Award

Blume, braceLIT & Pixoview won the Social Media Award

In all, 15 participating teams were assigned into five groups and tasked with Tweeting about JA and this Summit, using assigned hashtags.

The representatives of the winning group each received a gift card.

The winner of this year’s JA Social Media Award, generating 219 tweets, was team Alba from Blüme, braceLIT, & Pixoview

Jim Sweeny Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence

JA 2016

Congrats to Hope Kim from JA of Southeastern Pennsylvania. She is the recipient of the Sweeny Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence!

Hope Kim from Eagleville, Pennsylvania. This $1,000 scholarship is named in honor of Jim Sweeny, a JA executive at the local and national levels, who, for 32 years, played a critical and influential role in shaping the future of Junior Achievement. The JA Pioneers, our retiree organization, created this scholarship in his honor. It is awarded to a JA Company Program student in recognition of his or her accomplishments, role in their JA Company, and entrepreneurial potential. 

Junior Achievement would like to express our sincere gratitude to The Hartford, EY, FedEx, ICE NYSE Foundation, and Microsoft for their generosity and continued investment in JA students.

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